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On Alphabetical Order:Neutral evil/+6 weapon to hit
On Constistency:Chaotic neutral/Arctic Desert
On Editing and Corrections:Neutral good or Lawful neutral
On Missing Pages and the Selection of Sources:Uncommon/Chaotic evil (or Lawful good)
On Links:Surf 101
On the Unknown Monster:Unknown
On the Chaos Beast:Any chaotic/1d∞
On the Blank Page:Nil
On Images:1 or 1d100
On the Index:G (7,180¼’ long)
On Further Work:Omnivorous (time, nerves, and webspace)
On this File:Any
On the End:Endless Waste

On Alphabetical Order

Well, I tried. As you can see on the Contents Page, I was not always consistent; but I always had my reasons (or thought I had). Sometimes non-alpabetical order was already in the original material – the Animators, for example – and sometimes it just seemed to be more natural than the strict alphabetic order – keeping monsters from specific worlds (if they have the world in question, or a specific region on it, within their name, such as Dragon (Mystara), Jade, because Mystaran dragons are unique to their world and, in the case of the jade dragon, there exists a more general creature of the same name, but very different, see Jade Dragon, or Fish (Great Glacier) – the Great Glacier being a region on the world of Toril (Forgotten Realms Setting) – below “global” (or rather, “multiversal”) monsters, and monsters within categories (such as Chromatic Dragons) above all others. This is sometimes lacking consistency, too, but what the Baator…

On Consistency

I tried to be more consistent than the original authors (replacing ’ for feet in Size, giving the ranges for Intelligence and Morale, and so on), but I fully realize I am not fully consistent.

Psionic abilities are almost always listed right between the data table and the rest of the text (except for multiple monsters pages, of course); in the original material, this was not always the case. The same goes for the Dragon Table, which is herein always below the text.

On Editing and Corrections

The original material was not entirely error-free. I corrected obvious typos and obvious logical errors where I spotted them. The Red Steel Campaign setting uses a very specific set of rules which I have tried to incorporate into standard AD&D rules where possible. Spelljammer MCs sometimes describe ships and give other information which is useless outside the campaign, so I left it out, too. Dark Sun/Athas monsters’ psionic abilities were modified where they didn’t related anymore to the Complete Psionics Handbook.

Descriptions of specific spells, magical items, and racial class and ability limits were removed (but may still be incorporated at some point of time).

All primary images are set to 300×360 pixels, without interfering with any text.

On Missing Pages and the Selection of Sources

Some pages were left out with intention; so the original MM Baatezu page (detailing the Abishai and the Pit Fiend). I tried to give the most detailed version of the monster, where I could find it.

Monsters are usually only listed if they either belong to canon AD&D2.2 or have somewhere a description following the usual standard (data table, description, combat, habitat/society, ecology).

Fandom will be only recognized if the monster has an image and is represesented in standard AD&D2.2 fashion. (I haven’t done Fandom pages yet.)

On Links

One page that is almost never linked to is the Human Page, because it would relink to almost every other page (and because I believe most readers are familiar with humans). Animal pages (for normal animals) aren’t linked thoroughly. Monster pages are usually linked. Nearly every monster that has a “General Information” page is linked to this page, ususally at the first opportunity.

Links to races, especially the usual AD&D demihuman races like Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, etc. are not consistently linked.

Links usually appear if the monster has some relation to the other monster, other than just devouring it, or being able to understand it (and sometimes even then). Once a link is given, it is usually not repeated, even if the linked monster appears again in the text. Exceptions were made if two or monsters on the same page were linked, and in some other cases.

Sometimes, a link is only set to have a relink set (see below “On Further Work”).

I try to test the links to avoid them dying; I sincerely hope there are no dead (or wrong) links on this site.
Well, there are a lot of links that do not work as intended; especially from monsters between the Astral Dreadnought (why isn’t there a monster called the Astral Doughnut?) and the Death’s Head Tree. This is mainly due to an old link system which I abandoned. I try to repair this asap. (Many of these pages have been repaired in the meantime, or left without links (which will be changed), or have normal links (not with the link.php page). But I like the idea of the astral doughnut too much to change the text here. Sometime, I will also incorporate the Index and Contents page with the new system, as well as the links in the head and foot of each monster page.

Links leading away from the site will be only set to fandom sites (with few exceptions).

On the Unknown Monster

The 404 Page was written while this is still a Work in Progress, because many monsters link to other monsters not yet within the database. But I found the page more and more intriguing, so I will include the Unknown Monster, which will forever link to the 404 page. And the 404 page will be amended.

I’m still thinking about creating a “Known Monster” page, with entries like “Climate/Terrain: Wherever a monster lives”, or “Combat: This monster fights just like a monster.” You already know everything about this monster…

On the Chaos Beast

The Chaos Beast (not the Beast of Chaos) is a beast that constantly changes shape. Therefore, I wanted a page representing chaos. If you can’t read the page, just hit the refresh button on your browser, and everything should look alright. If you want to experience the effects of chaos, add “?chaos” to the address (i.e., chaobeas.php?chaos) and hit the refresh button as often as you want. I’m still working on the chaos effects.

On the Blank Page

Yes, this site has a Page that is Intentionally Left Blank. It will sometimes appear as a Random Monster. If that bothers you, well, I can’t (or rather, won’t) help it. I rather like the This Page Intentionally Left Blank project.

On Images

I used some images from D&D 3rd (and following) Ed.s, which I otherwise utterly despise. But the original pictures were sometimes missing and sometimes found lacking.

If there is more than one image in the source material, I usually choose the colored one, or the one I find most acceptable. If there’s no image, I use whatever sources I can find (with the noteable exception of the Invisible Stalker).

On the Index

Yes, the Index is redundant. Very redundant. This was done on purpose, though I seriously think about splitting the page into 26 different pages, to cut down computing time.

On Further Work

Other than gathering missing monsters – from the MC3, from Dragon and Dungeon Magazines, and other sources – I plan on giving each monster page a “link/relink” section, listing (and linking to) each page that links to it, and including each link from that page (other than given in the nav section on top and bottom of each page, of course).

I will do a page for each campaign setting, if possible with a page linking to all monsters within and appearing in each setting. I’d like to have a (short) description of the CS, special rules applying to monsters, and maybe even Encounter Tables.

I’ll also do the Blank Monster Form, as a form to send me new monsters, or monsters I overlooked, or didn’t find, or had only corrupted sources on. And a Contact Page for reporting any errors.

Some very long and/or unusual pages appear to need an index of their own, like the Dragon, General Information page.

I’d like to do a “similar monster” page – bird-like monsters, cat-like monsters, and so on. And maybe something more generic – like an index to undead, demons, and the like. These pages will be linked from the – yet to be done – Monstrous Classification Page.

Something that’s just being done is a page on baatezu promotion and demotion.

Maybe I’ll be putting a “Last Modified” note on some pages, like the Index and Contents pages, as well as on other, still unfinished pages (or pages that still contain errors, or are lacking links). Maybe even on all. (This has now be done for all Monster Pages.)

The Glossary: Well, this is going to be a piece of work, and no mistake. AD&D-specific (and AD&D-campaign-specific) words crop out of some monster descriptions, and I want to put a link to them with a short explanation.

And I’d like to have Disambiguation Pages, like the Wikis. Not sure how to realize or incorporate them, yet. I made a first try with the Dwarf Disambiguation Page, but it looks a bit blank to me.

Maybe a picture page where you can choose a monster page after the picture of the monster? Would probably take ages to load – maybe split into more?

And I’m still not sure if I should incorporate spells, magical items, and racial class and abilities limits; this could mean that I’d have to include all of AD&D’s magical and treasure system, too. Sometimes (and this will be done before that) I’d like to do the treasure tables, maybe somewhat extended.

I’m also open to suggestions.

On this File

Yep, this will probably grow into a real monster, given enough time. On the other hand, at least the “On Further Work” section may get smaller in time – hopefully…

On the End

And in the end, like the Beatles sang, I will have to revisit every page again and revise it; or I may finally come up with a OO-database that will hold all those files; or something or the other. I don’t know. I only know that when I have accumulated all monsters currently accessible to me, I will lay back, look upon the site, and say to myself: “Shit, you could’ve done better than that.”

But, after working now two years on this, I’d say, “it’s been worth it.”

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