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Manscorpion, Nimmurian


Manscorpion, Nimmurian
Climate/Terrain:Tropical or subtropical deserts or caves
Organization:Squad or city
Activity Cycle:Any
Intelligence:Low to Genius (5-18)
Treasure:J,K,M,Q (F,U10)
Alignment:Neutral evil
No. Appearing:8 or more
Armor Class:7
Hit Dice:6-12
THAC0:6 HD: 15
7-8 HD: 13
9-10 HD: 11
11-12 HD: 9
No. of Attacks:3 (claw/claw/tail)
Damage/Attack:1d4+1/1d4+1/1d4 (or by weapon)
Special Attacks:Poison
Special Defenses:Nil
Magic Resistance:Nil
Size:L (6 tall, 4 long plus 10 tail)
Morale:Champion to Fanatic (15-18)
XP Value:6 HD: 975
7 HD: 1,400
8 HD: 2,000
+1,000/additional HD

These part-human, part-scorpion creatures are sophisticated and civilized, while still cruel and self-serving. Welcomed by the original Nimmurians (winged minotaurs called enduks), the manscorpions betrayed their trust, drove them out, and assumed their cultural identity.

A manscorpion has a human torso and a bony-plated arachnoid body with eight legs and a long tail tipped with a wicked stinger. Its hands have two thick fingers and a thumb. Originally dark-skinned and hairless, the Nimmurian manscorpions were cursed by Idu (an Immortal) to burn in sunlight. Due to a long sojourn underground, they have become translucent, making their internal organs visible. They cover their bodies with make-up, both to cover the awful sight and to protect them from the sun's rays. When outside, all manscorpions wear masks with terrible grimaces. These cover their faces and provide protective dark lenses for their sensitive eyes.

Combat: A manscorpion claws at opponents in front and swings its tail, striking on any side. The poison of a 6-8 HD manscorpion causes those who fail their saving throws vs. poison to fall asleep for 2d8 rounds. Poison from a 9-10 HD manscorpion causes 3d8 points of damage on a failed saving throw vs. poison. Poison from an 11 HD or greater manscorpion is deadly, instantly killing any victim that fails a saving throw vs. poison with a -2 penalty.

Manscorpions have 60-foot infravision. Also, if a manscorpion wears armor of AC 7 or worse, its AC is improved by only 1 point. Manscorpions cannot swim; water dissolves their protective make-up in 1d4 rounds.

If caught in direct sunlight without make-up, a manscorpion suffers 1d6+2 points of damage per round until pulled underground or make-up is completely applied; its Dexterity and Morale also drop to 3, it moves at half speed, and it automatically loses initiative. After one turn of continuous exposure, it bursts into flames and dies. Reflected sunlight (moonlight or mirror reflections) inflicts 1d3 points of damage to any manscorpion not wearing make-up; Dexterity and Morale drop to half normal. A manscorpion with partial make-up (50%-99% of body covered) caught in direct sunlight suffers as if caught in reflected light.

Habitat/Society: Nimmurian manscorpions are organized and efficient. Most manscorpions, even those ostensibly living on the surface, have underground lairs to which they retreat.

Greedy, treacherous, and self-serving, the leaders of the various dominions constantly seek ways to weaken their rivals. They hate all other life and seek to dominate and subjugate other creatures. Enduks are particularly mistreated.

Nimmurian manscorpions have two Immortal patrons: Atzanteotl the corrupter of civilizations, who seeks to destroy all surface life; and Nin-Hurabi (Nyx) the lady of darkness, who wants undead to take over the world.

Ecology: Manscorpions eat practically any meat, including carrion. No normal creature preys on them.

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