Climate/Terrain:Temperate or subarctic coastal waters, ruins
Activity Cycle:Any
Intelligence:Average (8-10)
Alignment:Chaotic evil
No. Appearing:1
Armor Class:4
Movement:12, Sw 36
Hit Dice:11
No. of Attacks:2
Damage/Attack:3d8 (claw)/3d8 (claw)
Special Attacks:Death aura, fear, breath weapon
Special Defenses:Reeeneration. immunities. possible spellcasting
Magic Resistance:20%
Size:H (7’ tall at shoulder)
Morale:Champion (15)
XP Value:11,000
Spellcaster: 12,000

Nuckalavee are evil amphibious creatures, related distantly to centaurs. These hideous beings are friendly with all types of undead. Living creatures, however, are things to be hated and exterminated.

A nuckalavee is shaped similarly to a centaur, but it has an enlarged, hideous head. The creature’s skin is transparent. The resulting visibility of white ropy muscles, yellow veins, orange arteries, black blood, and odd pulsating organs is quite horrible.

A putrid odor of decay wafts about these creatures. The stench is so strong and oppressive that it can be felt and tasted.

Nuckalavee speak Common and their own guttural language, and can communicate freely with all types of undead. The nuckalavee language is composed of gurgles, slurps, and clicks, and sounds harsh to the ears.

Combat: This creature’s existence is an affront to all living things. As a result, a nuckalavee's presence slays all normal insects and other small creatures with 2 hit points or less (small birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, etc.) within a 120-foot radius. Familiars are not killed by this death aura, but they feel ill when near a nuckalavee. The nuckalavee need not concentrate to produce this effect, and the creature cannot prevent it.

A nuckalavee also radiates fear in a 50-foot radius; any creature that enters the area must make a savlng throw vs. paralysis or flee for 2d6 rounds. A character who makes a successful saving throw against the fear effect resists it. Another saving throw must be made if a comrade dies in combat with a nuckalavee; deaths caused by this creature are truly horrible to behold.

The nuckalavee’s favorite attack is its cone of cold, which it can breathe once every three rounds. The cone is 60 feet long, 10 feet wide at the base, and inflicts 6d6 points of damage to victims in the area of effect. Each victim caught in the icy blast is allowed a saving throw vs. breath weapon; success means only half damage is taken.

Nuckalavee attack in melee with both claws, each causing 3d8 hit points of damage.

Some nuckalavee are spellcasters. Then spell abilities range from those of 2nd-level clerics to wizards of 1st through 4th level.

In addition to magic resistance of 20%, the nuckalavee is immune to poison and fire. It regenerates 3 hit points per round until killed. The creature cannot cross flowing fresh water.

Unintelligent undead never attack nuckalavee unless controlled. Self-willed undead are usually on good terms with nuckalavee.

Habitat/Society: These hideous creatures are solitary beings that have no desire to congregate with others of their kind. Reproduction is accomplished once every five years, when nuckalavee take mates long enough to conceive.

Once conception occurs, the nuckalavee go their separate ways. A birtb results in 1d3 offspring that resemble transparent, nalformed centaur foals with gills and bulging eyes. Nuckalavee foals mature in five weeks. Though they cannot use their claws or breath weapon until they reach maturity, they still radiate fear auras.

Some sages profess that nuckalavee are in fact corrupt centaurs that fled to the oceans to get away from their good brethren. Many centaur elders deny this, however, claiming that nuckalavee are hideous parodies of centaurs created by some mad creature of great power. Other centaur elders, and many other sages, reject any true relationship between nuckalavee and centaurs, attributing the similarities to coincidence.

Nuckalavee lairs are great underwater cages composed of the bones of their victims. These lairs are built just offshore in oceans and saltwater lakes. The tops of the cages barely break the water’s surface.

Ecology: Nuckalavee are a threat to the environment around them, and are often hunted by druids and good creatures. They subsist on living flesh, but nuckalavee simply enjoy hunting and slaughtering all types of animals and birds. They are as destructive and careless about the environment around them as centaurs are conscientious.

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