Forgotten Realms



Climate/Terrain:Warm, dry regions
Organization:Mated pairs
Activity Cycle:Day
Intelligence:Semi- (2-4)
Treasure:O, possibly Q or R
No. Appearing:1-3
Armor Class:6
Hit Dice:1+2
No. of Attacks:1
Special Attacks:Gaze
Special Defenses:Nil
Magic Resistance:Nil
Size:S (2-2½’)
Morale:Steady (11-12)
XP Value:120

The rhaumbusun is a small, reptilian creature distantly related to the basilisk. It is a timid herbivore wih a dangerous paralyzing gaze.

Therhaumbusun has eight legs and dorsal spikes. The male’s thick hide is covered with glittering purple scales, while the female is predominantly orange. All young are a dusty red,although their coloration changes with maturity. The eyes resemble small, clear, multifaceted gems.

The creature is not graceful. Its legs curl slightly under, giving the beast a scuttling gait that enables anything within 60’ to hear its approach.

A rhaumbusun communicates with others of its kind through a simple anguage of clicks and hisses. When agitated, the creature’s foot-long tail flips from side to side.

Combat: The rhaumbusun relies on its magical gaze to defend itself. It can paralyze one victim per round at a range of 20 yards. If the victim fails its saving throw vs. paralyzation, it is paralyzed 3d4 turns. The victim must make eye contact before paralyzation can occur Mirrors ot reflect the gaze but the spell gaze reflection can turn the creature’s power against itself, if the creature fails a saving throw vs. petrification. The power does not extend into the Astral or Ethereal planes.

A rhaumbusun is immune to the gaze of others of its kind, but it is vulnerable to its own reflected gaze.

If desperate or surprised, the rhaumbusun may bite for 1d3 points of damage.

Habitat/Society: Rhaumbusuns are usually encountered in mated pairs. They normally mate for life and fight to the death to defend their family or lair. Solitary rhaumbusun usually have a mate hiding nearby. A third rhaumbusun is their offspring (1d4 hp, bite for 1-2 points, victims get a +2 bonus to saving throw). If the offspring is attacked, the parents attack with +1 bonuses to attack and damage rolls.

They make their lairs in small, dark, dry caves or other secure places. Lairs are only used as a place to rear young. There is a 60% chance the lair contains an egg or 40% that there is a young rhaumbusun A rhaumbusun’s location may be revealed by the presence of paralyzed animals that wandered by.

Rhaumbusuns mate in late spring. The female lays a single egg that hatches in 40 + 1d8 days. The offspring are weak at first, but they attain full growth in 20 days.

The creatures decorate their lairs with stray items that have attracted their attention, such as shiny objects. Sometimes this shiny hoard includes precious metals, coins, or even cut gemstones.

Although the rhaumbusuns are timid, they will communicate with humanoids who use a speak with monsters spell or are actually able to use the rhaumbusuns’ rudimentary language.

Ecology: Although the rhaumbusun is a timid creature, it acts as an accidental predator by paralyzing threatening animals and thus allowing other creatures to feed on these victims. Small animals often make their dens near the rhaumbusun’s lair in order to take advantage of the protection thus offered.

The hide is worth one gp per Hit Die and is used primarily for small items or decorations. If the eyes are removed intact and preserved from decay, they are worth up to 200 gp each to alchemists or wizards. Rhaumbusun eyes are used in the preparation of magical inks and potions related to paralyzation

Rhaumbusun may be kept as pets or guard by high-level wizards or priests. Rhaumbusuns sell for 2.000 gp per pair and eggs for 500 gp. If mated rhaumbusuns are separated by captivity or death, they physically deteriorate as they mourn. They lose 1 hp each week for 1d4 weeks. Rhaumbusuns that survive the mourning period recover and eventually seek new mates.

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